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Local Administrator Access

This document is acceptance of the risk of giving users local administrator access. You are requesting access for a user to have full access to administrative tasks.

  1. The user(s) you specify will have full and unfettered access to administrative level access on their machines. Examples of what users will be able to do include.
    1. Install and uninstall applications including security and monitoring applications
    2. Give access to other parties via remote access on an administrative level
    3. Install programs that may read or exfiltrate company data
    4. Bypass security mechanisms
  2. Typically most cyber liability policies require control of this level of access given to a user. 
  3. No security software protects against actions a user can take with excessive permissions. 
  4. Local administrative access is the generally accepted top cause of cybersecurity incidents.
  5. All incidents related to excessive permissions given to users will not be covered under any agreement. 
  6. Grahek has advised client It is not necessary to give users administrator access to accomplish installing, updating or modifying programs.

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