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Office 365 Application Data Request

This document is acceptance of the risk of outside vendor access. You are requesting access for an application to have full access to your office 365 data. 

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  1. The authorization of an application gives unfettered access to your office 365 data 24/7. The scope of what the third party can do would include anything a user can normally do with their data. Examples (But not limited to) of what the vendor can perform are below
    1. Read, move, delete, write, and modify data
    2. Give access to other parties
    3. Access to all 365 data including but not limited to contacts, calendars, mail, and onedrive/sharepoint.
    4. Bypass security mechanisms
    5. Data may be accessed from other countries 
  2. Once we grant an application access - any user can sign into the application and consent to give it access to their data. 
  3. We can revoke access at any time by request to the application but any data it has cached on its end we cannot control. 
  4. A 2021 research report by the Ponemon Institute found that 74% of data breaches happened because third parties were granted excessive privileged access to too much confidential information.
  5. Issues as a result of outside vendor access are outside any service agreement, contract, or any other agreement.



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