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Rate Policy

Below is the current rate policy for Grahek Technology. This document is subject to change without notice at anytime. Please refer to for the most recent version of this document. If you have an IT Services agreement, please refer to that document for your rates / minimums. 


Remote Support Rates 

$140/Hour billed in one hour increments. Each incident will be billed at a minimum of one hour. 


Onsite Rates 

$140/Hour billed in one hour increments. Onsite visits are billed for a $40 travel fee and a minimum of one hour charged per visit. Locations outside of Rapid City limits will incur additional travel time expense at the same rate as the hourly rate that is being charged. The additional travel fee will account for the time to travel to the site from our office and back to our office location. 


Emergency Rates 

Requests outside of our normal business hours (8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday) will be charged emergency rates. Emergency rates are 1.5 times our standard rate with a 2 hour minimum plus any additional travel fees that apply. 


All agreements and work performed by Grahek Technology are subject to the terms and conditions published at


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